About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide members with incredible value and the opportunity to influence their lives and the world for good. We will strive to offer the best name brand products, at the most competitive prices, with the best service and convenience in the industry.

The Clubco Direct Story

Wanting to do more in life and bring a opportunity to the marketplace is how Clubco Direct was born. With the idea that would allow individuals to leverage their time, experience and money.

The “Eureka” moment came to me when I was driving home from a business meeting and thinking “what if.” I got excited about truly making a difference in the world. The vision expanded very quick and the idea of referring people to shop online and earn rewards is just the tip of the iceberg – Clubco Direct is a members only program whereby; People Helping People really means something.

Vision To YOU

Our purpose is to continue building a company that you can embrace. Our belief is to always be authentic, ethical and transparent without favoritism, respecting our Independent Members as we choose to build relationship and create a true legacy company.

Think for a moment on how your life would change if you had more time freedom, better health, security and the extra income to enjoy the things you want to do in life. If you could change your life in just 90 days – Would you go for it?

Giving You Choices

We are not a one product or service company. Giving you choices and the opportunity to market multiple categories. We will continue to bring both products and services that people use, spend money on and continue to use.

Our Club Brand Products that are all within the top retail categories for direct sales will pay a higher commission.

Choose which products or services you want and build a business on giving people “Choices.”

  • Retail Shopping
  • Social Shopping
  • Wholesale Clubs
  • Local Markets
  • Direct-to-Consumer
  • Give Back to Charity

Veo Natural Legacy

Our powerful nutritional products were formulated by doctors for doctors. For over 30 years they were only available to research facilities, nutritional specialists and health care providers. Now we have handpicked out most popular, most powerful and most complete formulations and have made them available to the members of Clubco Direct for the first time. This means you can build a comprehensive nutritional program designed around your body’s specific needs with natural remedies.

Products are manufactured in the USA with the exact combination of HIGH QUALITY, POTENT & PURE raw plant ingredients for maximum effectiveness and absorption. If you are not 100% satisfied simply return for a 100%, no questions refund.

Core Bundle Services

Members who are part of our “Core Services” Bundle package need to know that each month part of your service fee will be put into an escrow account by each active member to be paid out on a monthly Basis to help by giving back “From the Members of Clubco Direct.”

Again, we want to bring tremendous value to our members and the sense of feeling good – know that you are part of a company who cares.